Monday, March 2, 2009

This weekend.....

this church is were 2500 (two thousand five hundred) people were hoping to find safety. 5 minutes before the Interwahamwe came to massacre them, the RPF came and shuttled them to safety and 2500 were saved from death. 
My first view of Rwanda. I LOVE this photo. 
Mass graves at Gszozi Memorial Center that are still being dug and still being filled....
Mass graves
Hotel Rwanda! Bethany and I go to stay here!

I have a date with myself and possibly my roommate Jenn to go hear Carl Wilkens and Romeo Dallaire speak at a conference called RWANDA AND BEYOND. How cool! AH. It can only have been divine intervention that i even saw the poster. I needed a coffee this morning and in order for me to get that coffee ihad to go take 20 dollars out and wouldn't you know it but the poster for the event was directly in front of the machine.

If you've never read Shake Hands With The Devil, and you LOVE Rwanda and learning about Africa and genocide, you need to read this book. Its spectacular and heartbreaking but powerful. Its especially meaningful to me since i was able to go to Rwanda and see and feel and smell and taste the incredible beauty that Rwanda is. LOVE it. and because I am now in a nostalgic mood- i will post some photos of my lovely Rwanda. 

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janet said...

I am quite sure that your dear dear little neice will soon follow in your footsteps and march on over to Africa.
I dont think I have ever met a four year old who LOVES and ADORES Africa as much as she does.
She loves looking at your blog updates and gets very excited when " MORE AFRICAN CHILDRENS!!!!" appear on our computer screen.