Friday, August 29, 2008

New Chapter

This is my cousin Mollie.. She's sitting in my new room at my house new in a new city for a new year at a new school.
These are my gorgie 6 foot windows and my radiator shelf with the window air conditioner that my awesome uncle put in for me!

This is where i keep my clothes and toiletries. its not clean yet.

So i moved on Tuesday. To my new city for a new school year. I'm at a university in Ontario taking nursing! I'm really excited but really nervous. I think it will be awesome though!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Hi Blog Family

Tonight at 7pm is the funeral for my neighbor. He was my age and we've lived next door from him and his family for the last 12 years. He died in a car accident on this past week and his mom and dad and little brother are really grieving so blog friends....lets all pray tonight!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

This is what I did at work...

Mollie and I were bored at work so we made this! Choose your favorite ice cream and see what it says about you! If its correct- comment!

Ice Cream Personalities - "100% accurate and guaranteed!"

Coconut- Loves cruises, tends to fake and bake and owns a few knock of purses.
Black Licorice- Slightly unkempt, eccentric, and often joke with cashiers. They are not strong swimmers.
New York Cherry Cheesecake- Desperate housewives who love sitcoms and hair extensions.
Butterscotch- They have attic apartments that smell of rich mahogany, with many leather bound books. They collect pennies.
Strawberry Shortcake- Still watch cartoons, Wanted to marry Gilbert Blithe from Anne of Green Gables when they were younger.
Butter Pecan- They are likely to own small yappy dogs and have perms (even if they are males)
Cookie Dough- Emotional eaters. They're people pleasers and will always loan you 5 bucks.
Sticky Chewy Chocolate- Nothing is ever good enough for them. They know what they like and only buy in bulk. They don't believe in global warming.
Vanilla- These pepople love buying kitchenware of The Shopping Channel. They ALWAYS wear white pants after labor day.
Maple Nut- They watch a lot of A&E and start but never finish crossword puzzles.
Banana Chocolate Fudge- They always settle for less than whats best. Secretly desire to be professional shot putters.
Raspberry sherbet- Concerned with appearances. They hire interior decorators for their children's bedrooms.
No Sugar Added Caramel Crunch- Yo-yo dieters and diabetics unite!
Kahlua Chocolate Fudge- Closet alcoholics who wear socks with sandals. They only know top 40 music.
Pistachio with Almonds- They shop at antique and replica stores, often buy lawn ornaments and garden gnomes on ebay.
Cookies and Cream- They are the type of person to run their local D.A.R.E program. They win big money at Bingo.
Nanaimo Brownie- Tend to be good dancers. They own library cars but never use them.
Espresso Fudge- Always ask for starbucks gift cars for Christmas. They own many sweater vests.
Strawberry- The type of people who rake their neighbors lawns, and give their old glasses to the poor. They recycle like its their job.
Coconut Cashew Fudge- Love holidays and decorate their lawns with giant displays and lights.
Maple Pecan- Very huggy, generous and approachable. Strawberry with an edge.
Roly Poly- Love show and shines. Dont like alcohol but adore You Tube.
Rocky Road- Were obessed with Duck Hunt at one point in their lives. They believe Kraft Cheese Slices trump every other cheese variety. Can quote starwars verbatim.
Peaches and Cream- Only use Dove Products and firmly believe aspartame causes cancers.
Chocolate- Coupon hoarders.. They love 2 in 1 shampoo.
Chocolate Peanut Butter- Very family oriented, their favorite show is Jon and Kate Plus 8.
Orange Float- Love satellite radio. They laugh the loudest at their own jokes.
Pralines and Cream- They cleverly disguise their insults as compliments. Chronic TV guide highlighters.
All Canadian Moose (aka- Moose tracks)- They're the first ones up for karaoke. Frequently leave the toilet seat up.
Root Beer Float- They love late night TV and Will Ferrel. They were class clowns.
Burgundy Cheery- Love to drink tea even when its hot outside. They usually have elaborate home security systems.
Mint Chocolate Chip- Tend to be a little bossy and controlling. Constantly watch reality tv and dream of becoming the next bachelorette/ the bachelor
Wet Paint- Pseudo-sophisticated bubblegum. They pay for even the smallest purchases on their credit cards.
Bubble gum- Slightly immature and very energetic. They prefer margarine to butter and still sleep with a night light.
Rum Raisin- Old fashioned and own 1-2 Cockatiels.
Cotton Candy- Very chatty and gossipy. More like to own a yellow car, frequently shop at Hollister.
Cotton Candy with Sprinkles- Its all the way or nothing for these people. They have collector barbies still in boxes.
Tiger- Very big on routine. They always eat a hearty breakfast.

I'm a mint chocolate chip girl ALLLL THE WAY!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Sometimes the fear is so loud in my head
That I can barely hear what God says

Then I hear a whisper that this too shall pass....

This last week i had my last shift at the hospital where i work. I kinda hated the job but at the same time, kinda liked it. I hated that i felt like i wasn't doing anything, and i liked the patients that made my day. There was this one patient M, and she was awesome. She was a solid believer through and through and i'd sit and talk with her for 30 minutes at a time sometimes! For my last shift she gave me a baggie of dried blueberries, a cd with a sermon on healing, and 2 tract books. I told her all about Africa and my babies and my blog friends and she would share verses to comfort me, inspire me, encourage me.

You know when you're in a situation thats a ticking time bomb and it explodes and you're left with a million little pieces of familiar but you just can't put it all back together properly? So its left to simmer and smoke and when the smoke clears your afraid you wont even recognize what you lost?

That was my week.

Friday, August 15, 2008

I'm sitting in my room, reading my friend Katie's blog and my room is filled with the sounds of the African Children's Choir. I listen to this cd almost daily as it seems to transport me from my north american life to a life of red dirt, always being dirty, hot days, hot nights, hard rains, joyful churches, happy smiles, simple living, and frienship.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Spirit of the Sovereign LORD is on me,
because the LORD has anointed me
to preach good news to the poor.
He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted,
to proclaim freedom for the captives
and release from darkness for the prisoners.

Isaiah 61:1

Sunday, August 10, 2008

For Rachel Lee Fix.

Dear Rach,

This blog is for you. I know we've been kind of our of touch lately but things are on the up with that lovely email you just wrote me. Hereis the blog I've promised to you. A few things first. I'm going to write exactly how i would talk to you and that means that i'm not going to fix my spelling mistakes or grammar, even though i just fixed 2 words in that last sentance already.

hi laych.
yesturday i was on my friends facebook and he had this photo of a friend of his doing some sort of race outside in the snow and i poasted a comment that said "if i could take a photo of my worst nightmare, this would be it" and i knew you'd aprpeciate that. Also i left you a wall comment and diana responded to it i think...diana or sara.

Me and mollie went for a walk the other night and i told her all about river bus and ofta tacos. She laughed hysterically for about 30 sefconds. i just got a memory of us and air doing the can can on main street with street kids in the rain in front of touristy source cafe. funny hey! oh man.

remember that one time we all got dolled up and were waiting for friends and they never came so we hung out in the v-house and the power went off and there was a bat in the house so we got musa to kill it? speaking of musa, he facebooks me a lot and you should see his english. its incredible! he needed school fees so good ole papa dukes king gave him them. my dad seirously loves musa, its so cute.

right now i'm sitting at jacylns house. or in rather. she lives in downtown edmonton and is the nanny for the son of the man who used to own the oilers. they are super nice with this crazy house where the kitchen is upstairs and the bedrooms are all on the main floor. its so cool. its right across from the crackercats stadium where the edmontons baseball team lives. but i dont really care beacsue no one really care about baseball in canada. its about the hockey. one time, when i was flying to africa, i was sitting beside this man and he had a giant stanley cup ring and he was so nice because i was crying and the helped me get my bags at the airport in toronto and he offered to buy me lunch and he had a corvette and a half wolf dog and a wife and 2 kids and was a nice old grampa man. he played for the rangers, montreal, and the oilers and i felt that i was really cool in that moment.

i'm going to name my dog juma. do you want to guyess why? want to kjnow the real reason why my no shopping rule starts next saturday? its a secret so dont tell anyone. its beause jaclyn works at the gap and i can get 50% off with her discount so i'mg oing to get a pair of jeans and a really cute purse and then my craving will be satisfied and i'll be set for the year. HA. i'm not THAT selfless.

last night was the most spectacular storm i've seen this side of the nile. for real. it was like an africa storm where the whole sky is like the daytime and the rain pours so hard that you are soaked when your banging on the gate for 2 minutes for the escari to let you in but he cant hear and you want to climb the fence but the fisheries man tells you he is going to shoot you if you do that.and you cant see 3 feet in front of you and the thunder cracks your body in half. i thought of africa. and it felt good.

isnt it weird how bernie mac died? i wrote Ellen and told her about ellen's room and about katie davis, mary pat davis's daughter. Did you know that i had cut up some pineapple for you in the fridge? i love katie. so i told ellen about this wonder child who is 19 and the ma to 10. nuts.

i start school soon and i'm so nervous but i feel really good about it at the same time. I'm excited to bring such cool africa stuff to make my room feel like i'm at home and i'm really nervous to meet my hosuemates but i feel really lucky that i found a hosue of christian girls and we're going to have tons of fun i think.

ava is hilarious. you would just die. carter is probably the cuteste white baby ever and he has these giant chubby legs and i always tell him are just like his moms. my sister loves that espeically because she weighs 92 opiunds soaking wet. dont you loe that phrase? what does soaking wet have to do with weight.....wait a sec. i get it now. never mind.

you need to get air to email me. michelle emailed me. shes in congo with raoulie bear and deborah and they are having a great time. i love them. jaclyns cell phone just rang and its a country song by kenny chesney and i have nothing against kenny or ocuntry or cell phone or ring tones but i HATE song ring tones. i dont know why. also micehlelt odle me that the rumor around jinja is that bethany is coming back at christmas which is kind hilarious becasue how would anyone get that info? also. today in church i was reading old dc jinja bulletins and my notes were SOOO funny. Pastor martin said "we're going to preach the gospel like noones business this year" the first sunday aft erhe new year. hilairous hey. i love that guy. bethany is on the website.

ok i have to go because i want to watch tv. tlc has these awesome medical mysteries on sundays now like "i dont have a face" and "i have a tumor twice the size of my body growing out of my leg" and "i have tree branches for limbs" and I LOOOOOVE them.

rand blair told me to tell you he said hi, and that hes doing great and wants to know when him and jumi are going to go on that blind date we're always talking about.


Saturday, August 9, 2008

Sad but True....


Starting very next saturday at midnight.
I, Amy Frances Marigold King, will refrain from buying any piece of clothing (shoes, skirts, dresses, shirts, tanks, jeans, dress pants, jackets, hoodies, sweaters, t's etc..) for one solid year.
Then....I'm going to be saving all the money i would have spent and putting it towards a plane ticket back to UG.

There is another reason behind this task that will probably be the hardest thing ever.
I live in a province of extreme wealth, in an area of excess and as hard as it is sometimes to resist those 150 dollar highlights...I do not, in any way, believe that my money is best spent on my hair. I have this gorgeous friend with beautiful highlights and she takes great pride in the way she looks. We are VERY different but very good friends.

When i first got home from UG i used to get really angry and hid all this anger towards my friends inside of me and even felt a little bit of sinful pride (as much as i'm ashamed to admit that) that i had done this really cool thing of working in an orphanage and my friends hadn't. But then i got slapped in the face and not just realized (i'd always known) but INTERNALIZED that God calls us all to different things and while for Katie Davis it may be becoming a mom to 10 at 19, for my friend with the beautiful hair, it may be doing all different kinds of ministry at church.

While for me it may be sacrificing buying sweet new cute clothes for year, for someone else it might be tithing an extra bit every month, or sponsoring another child, or giving to families in their church that need financial/physical/emotional/spiritual help. Neither is better or worse, neither is more worthy in God's view.

So for one year i'm not going to be anything clothing wise. This is going to suck royally. Come christmas banquets and first dates i'm going to be doing a lot of borrowing. I don't have a ton of clothes but i definitely have a lot more than i need and i want to live for a year, appreciating all that i have and learning a valuable lesson along the way.

Happy trails

Sunday, August 3, 2008

A tribute.

I haven't regretted much in my life. But i have regretted this.

7 inches. I worked so hard for you hair! I slaved over you with my expensive straightener, punishing every curly hair into submission. I bought such cute headbands for you and hair ties and i loved you so much!!!!

And because you grow sooooo painfully slow, i will have to wait another 3 or 4 years to gain back what i lost that day.

I really need to control my impulses....

Is it as bad as i think???