Monday, August 18, 2008

Sometimes the fear is so loud in my head
That I can barely hear what God says

Then I hear a whisper that this too shall pass....

This last week i had my last shift at the hospital where i work. I kinda hated the job but at the same time, kinda liked it. I hated that i felt like i wasn't doing anything, and i liked the patients that made my day. There was this one patient M, and she was awesome. She was a solid believer through and through and i'd sit and talk with her for 30 minutes at a time sometimes! For my last shift she gave me a baggie of dried blueberries, a cd with a sermon on healing, and 2 tract books. I told her all about Africa and my babies and my blog friends and she would share verses to comfort me, inspire me, encourage me.

You know when you're in a situation thats a ticking time bomb and it explodes and you're left with a million little pieces of familiar but you just can't put it all back together properly? So its left to simmer and smoke and when the smoke clears your afraid you wont even recognize what you lost?

That was my week.

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Carolyn T said...

AMY!! How have I missed you til now! Thanks for the comment on my blog and enabling me to "meet" you! EXTRAORDINARY!!