Tuesday, August 19, 2008

This is what I did at work...

Mollie and I were bored at work so we made this! Choose your favorite ice cream and see what it says about you! If its correct- comment!

Ice Cream Personalities - "100% accurate and guaranteed!"

Coconut- Loves cruises, tends to fake and bake and owns a few knock of purses.
Black Licorice- Slightly unkempt, eccentric, and often joke with cashiers. They are not strong swimmers.
New York Cherry Cheesecake- Desperate housewives who love sitcoms and hair extensions.
Butterscotch- They have attic apartments that smell of rich mahogany, with many leather bound books. They collect pennies.
Strawberry Shortcake- Still watch cartoons, Wanted to marry Gilbert Blithe from Anne of Green Gables when they were younger.
Butter Pecan- They are likely to own small yappy dogs and have perms (even if they are males)
Cookie Dough- Emotional eaters. They're people pleasers and will always loan you 5 bucks.
Sticky Chewy Chocolate- Nothing is ever good enough for them. They know what they like and only buy in bulk. They don't believe in global warming.
Vanilla- These pepople love buying kitchenware of The Shopping Channel. They ALWAYS wear white pants after labor day.
Maple Nut- They watch a lot of A&E and start but never finish crossword puzzles.
Banana Chocolate Fudge- They always settle for less than whats best. Secretly desire to be professional shot putters.
Raspberry sherbet- Concerned with appearances. They hire interior decorators for their children's bedrooms.
No Sugar Added Caramel Crunch- Yo-yo dieters and diabetics unite!
Kahlua Chocolate Fudge- Closet alcoholics who wear socks with sandals. They only know top 40 music.
Pistachio with Almonds- They shop at antique and replica stores, often buy lawn ornaments and garden gnomes on ebay.
Cookies and Cream- They are the type of person to run their local D.A.R.E program. They win big money at Bingo.
Nanaimo Brownie- Tend to be good dancers. They own library cars but never use them.
Espresso Fudge- Always ask for starbucks gift cars for Christmas. They own many sweater vests.
Strawberry- The type of people who rake their neighbors lawns, and give their old glasses to the poor. They recycle like its their job.
Coconut Cashew Fudge- Love holidays and decorate their lawns with giant displays and lights.
Maple Pecan- Very huggy, generous and approachable. Strawberry with an edge.
Roly Poly- Love show and shines. Dont like alcohol but adore You Tube.
Rocky Road- Were obessed with Duck Hunt at one point in their lives. They believe Kraft Cheese Slices trump every other cheese variety. Can quote starwars verbatim.
Peaches and Cream- Only use Dove Products and firmly believe aspartame causes cancers.
Chocolate- Coupon hoarders.. They love 2 in 1 shampoo.
Chocolate Peanut Butter- Very family oriented, their favorite show is Jon and Kate Plus 8.
Orange Float- Love satellite radio. They laugh the loudest at their own jokes.
Pralines and Cream- They cleverly disguise their insults as compliments. Chronic TV guide highlighters.
All Canadian Moose (aka- Moose tracks)- They're the first ones up for karaoke. Frequently leave the toilet seat up.
Root Beer Float- They love late night TV and Will Ferrel. They were class clowns.
Burgundy Cheery- Love to drink tea even when its hot outside. They usually have elaborate home security systems.
Mint Chocolate Chip- Tend to be a little bossy and controlling. Constantly watch reality tv and dream of becoming the next bachelorette/ the bachelor
Wet Paint- Pseudo-sophisticated bubblegum. They pay for even the smallest purchases on their credit cards.
Bubble gum- Slightly immature and very energetic. They prefer margarine to butter and still sleep with a night light.
Rum Raisin- Old fashioned and own 1-2 Cockatiels.
Cotton Candy- Very chatty and gossipy. More like to own a yellow car, frequently shop at Hollister.
Cotton Candy with Sprinkles- Its all the way or nothing for these people. They have collector barbies still in boxes.
Tiger- Very big on routine. They always eat a hearty breakfast.

I'm a mint chocolate chip girl ALLLL THE WAY!


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i am 100% cookie dough. Your insights into the human soul are amazing :)