Saturday, August 9, 2008

Sad but True....


Starting very next saturday at midnight.
I, Amy Frances Marigold King, will refrain from buying any piece of clothing (shoes, skirts, dresses, shirts, tanks, jeans, dress pants, jackets, hoodies, sweaters, t's etc..) for one solid year.
Then....I'm going to be saving all the money i would have spent and putting it towards a plane ticket back to UG.

There is another reason behind this task that will probably be the hardest thing ever.
I live in a province of extreme wealth, in an area of excess and as hard as it is sometimes to resist those 150 dollar highlights...I do not, in any way, believe that my money is best spent on my hair. I have this gorgeous friend with beautiful highlights and she takes great pride in the way she looks. We are VERY different but very good friends.

When i first got home from UG i used to get really angry and hid all this anger towards my friends inside of me and even felt a little bit of sinful pride (as much as i'm ashamed to admit that) that i had done this really cool thing of working in an orphanage and my friends hadn't. But then i got slapped in the face and not just realized (i'd always known) but INTERNALIZED that God calls us all to different things and while for Katie Davis it may be becoming a mom to 10 at 19, for my friend with the beautiful hair, it may be doing all different kinds of ministry at church.

While for me it may be sacrificing buying sweet new cute clothes for year, for someone else it might be tithing an extra bit every month, or sponsoring another child, or giving to families in their church that need financial/physical/emotional/spiritual help. Neither is better or worse, neither is more worthy in God's view.

So for one year i'm not going to be anything clothing wise. This is going to suck royally. Come christmas banquets and first dates i'm going to be doing a lot of borrowing. I don't have a ton of clothes but i definitely have a lot more than i need and i want to live for a year, appreciating all that i have and learning a valuable lesson along the way.

Happy trails


melissa sue said...

I admire you for doing this, Amy! It's quite intense but will more than likely be TOTALLY worth it.

hope all is well!
grace and peace,

The Albertsons said...

NICE. I'll be praying for you as you do this. It will be hard, but worth it.
becca :)

Rachel and Arielle said...

i want to go back with you!!!!!!!!!! i got your message from my mom. ames, im horrible at keeping in touch- i'm looking for a job and stressed, but that is no excuse. i love you and admire you and KNOW you can do this...even though it will be very hard. i love you and will talk to you soon! for real.
auntie waycho

Patty said...

You GO girl!