Thursday, February 26, 2009

Collegiate Conversation

This is a conversation my roommate Tori and I had with our friend April literally, 2 minutes ago.

april says "guys, don't you ever wish that you could go to a school where they teach really useful, everyday skills?"

me and tori say "sure ape- like what?"

april says "I dont know, like....wilderness survival...or bead work!"

i say "wait april- bead work? really?!"

april says "ya- or like pottery, i would LOVE to make pots. Do you know how great it would be to do a class on vitamins? I would LOVE to know how many calories are in like...say.. a carrot."

tori  says "i learned about transfats the other day. your body can't break it down"

April "ya, like gum it just sits there and no one knows what to do with it. see brock(her brother) and i today were talking about like what we are going to do if this recession makes people go nuts and people try to destroy the world, and like people will just flood into canada. its 3000 dollars to buy a food kit and we're going to move to northern BC and i'm going to fish and plant a garden and Brock will probably just sleep and eat, and he said 'as long as mom comes, we're fine' and i said "mom's not going to want to live in the wilderness'... i don't know if we'll survive the winter though, we'll have a party before we go and get hardcore winter wear. i don't even like to camp normally! i'm not a big camper. i like the cottage but really...i don't even care, we don't even need running water, but i'd really like a bed, a roof and not bugs."

I swear we're smart people. I swear we're actually all university students learning valuable things. But sometimes you just need to have moments i guess right!?

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