Tuesday, February 17, 2009

All Points Bulletin

I lost my keys that are attached to my student card that open my house and my room.

My student card has my bus pass integrated into it and leave it to me to lose it. To replace it would cost 70 dollars for the student card portion (that i need to write 2 exams, one monday and one wednesday) and the word on the street is that the bus portion is 200 dollars give or take.

I'm losing my mind. So far i've filled out lost item reports at the university security office, the local police station and called every single place i've been to or even in the vicinity of in since friday evening.

I'm praying suuuuuuuuuuper hard! I NEED to find these!

Webale Mukwano's!


janet said...

I'll look aroud my house for you. Chuggs probably took them

Leigh said...

praying you find them very very soon! I can't imagine!

Rachel and Arielle said...

just got this memory...

you pledging 40,000 shillings at Mr. Jinja. HA! that was hilarious!

let's hang out this weekend. should we go to NRE or 2 Friends? Oh- maybe we should do crepes at the P Tree? Your pick.