Tuesday, February 3, 2009

100th post....

Well january 31 marked my 1 year anniversary of the last day my feet were covered in the wonderful red dirt of UG. Feb 1 marked my 1 year being back on canadian soil.

So this 100th post is going to be a photo highlight post. AND this time i'm not just going to chose photos where i look good :)
Let's begin!

Uganda is the place where I felt useless and broken and learned that I wanted to be nurse

Uganda is where i met some of my best friends in the world. It's where I met Rachel and Arielle who i share a very special and particular bond with that I don't think i have with anyone one else....(except shell and beth and for the same reason...)

Uganda is where I met THIS GIRL. Katie Davis. She helped me learn just how jealous i can be of my best friend and just how useful one can be when they are walking in the ways of the Lord.

This tiny kid taught me more about myself more about hope and more about love than knew in 22 years prior.

UG is where i met my Ugandan Mama. She taught me the importance of welcoming guests, loving people just as they are, and opening a home to anyone in need.

Ug is where i met my Ugandan Papa. He's married to Mama and he taught me the importance of a quiet and gentle spirit, one that is always seeking to love Christ deeper, serve him more effectively, and love the lost more fiercly.

Uganda is where I met these 2. Raoul Mugosa taught me more about being culturally sensitive than anyone else. He taught me about the importance of a deep and unwavering faith even in the midst of struggle and hardship. He taught me how to be a better leader and how to love those who persecute you. Uganda is where i met Michelle and where we became as close as sisters.

Uganda is where i met this couple, Pastor and Mrs. Mwesegwa. He pastors Jinja Deliverance Church and being a part of this church taught me the importance of truly living in a different culture. This place taught me that should i ever live or work or volunteer or do missions overseas, that i would only be happy being as deeply involved in the culture as my blazingly white skin would let me. This church opened their arms to Bethany and I and loved us as their own. This church prayed faithfully for me when i left to have my surgery, they laid hands on my before i left and praised the Lord with me upon my return.

Uganda taught me patience. Sitting around for 6 hours waiting to sing in our choir with all our Ugandan friends and then ending up not being able to sing sucks. But it'll teach you patience thats for sure!!

Uganda is where Bethany and I met THIS guy. John Paul Okwi. A gifted gifted speaker, a talented leader, a faithful friend, a fervent follower of Christ. JP lifted our spirits when we missed home, played countless cards games at our house on no power nights, let us use his car all the time (YAY!!!!) and understood our love for his countries kids.

Uganda is where i attended the best bible study I had ever been to and will ever go to! This group of friends prayed for each other, we learned with each other, we grew with each other, we sang and praised the Lord with each other. This photo is of Bethany and I cutting my "wellcome back cake" that Mama made for me after i came back from my surgery.

Uganda is where Bethany and I met one of the most spectacular people I've ever met. Hope Little. Uganda is also where Bethany and I took care of her precious precious son, Phineas for 5 weeks while she took care of business in the states.

Uganda is where we met THIS guy, David Eyotia (son of our ugandan ma and pa). A friend who took care of us, came to our rescue after being hit by a car (ha!) and who took us under his wing. We spent Christmas at his families house, would hang out with his parents for dinner and little bbc world news and encouragement.

Oh Uganda. Some days I try not to think about you so much. My life would be easier without you i think. It'd be simple and I'd be able to get expensive jeans and stuff at regular price. I'd be able to sit in a church service and focus on what they were saying instead of dreaming i was holding a baby on my lap in the hot hot heat of jinja DC.

But Uganda...you and your people and your people's Lord changed me. you softened my heart. opened my eyes. deepened my faith. you took me and shook me upside down and let all my old self fall away. You swept it up and threw it out because you knew i'd never need my old self again. You showed me what its like to be selfless. you gave me trials to test my resolve. you showed me people with nothing to show me that i had everything and because i had everything that i really needed nothing. you introduced me to people and situations that would make me so so very angry and you taught me how to respond in love and tact and respect.

Lord you changed me but you put me back together. you took my feet and molded them to the red earth, you took the comfort and softness out of them and exchanged it for a desire for more of you more of uganda more of the red dirt. you took my heart and melted the ice and picked the brick wall apart one by one. you replaced each brick with love and softness and openness. you took my mind and erased selfish ambition and planted seeds of selfless love that you're growing in me. you took eyes that bypassed hurt and poverty and highlighted a deeper compassion for the ones you love.

Uganda is where you turned my heart back to you.


Brandi said...

Ok, those last 4 paragraphs should be an entire book! LOVE the way you wrote that. It is so beautiful.


Rachel and Arielle said...

yay amy. you're the best. i love you. i love uganda.

auntie katie said...

that made me want to cry and laugh and dance. you have a way with words sister! when are you coming to visit me? i love you :)

Beautiful Mess said...

Just killing some time, going back and trying to figure out how you are tied to Uganda. I am SO glad i found this post!

You are a beautiful young lady. Inspiring and encouraging!

Thank you!! Thank you!