Thursday, February 19, 2009


guess what!!!

after 4 days of stressing and worrying about where i'm going to find 250 extra bucks laying around to get a new student card and bus pass.....a good Samaritan left it outside my door!!!

now the only question left in my head is who was this person who left it at my door and if they dont know do they know where i live???

either way, its a def answer to prayer and i'm PUMPED!


Moving Forward said...

i bet jesus put them there

janet said...

This means your keys were touched by an ANGEL!!!!!!

I wonder what he looked like...

maybe like J.T from the HALO EXPRESS BOOKS!!!!!!!!!

I bet he was wearing his fav red high top sneakers.

no but seriously thats cool.

Amy said...

Uhhh sista...its GT and the Halo Express. GT as in Good Tidings.

janet said...

OH ya, that makes sense now.

GOOD thing you are in UNIVERSITY cause you are definitely VERY SMART.