Thursday, February 5, 2009


This morning i so desperately wanted to sleep in. But my aging self woke up at the crack of 830 and i made my way to the kitchen for some oatmeal.

I left the kitchen 2 minutes ago. a full 2 hours and 43 minutes from the exact second i entered. what did i do for 2 hours and 43 minutes?

Apart from holding down vomit, i washed (no SCRUBBED) grease off walls, off the stove, off the cupboards, off chairs, of tables, cleaned the microwave, coffee pot, organized the pantry, cleaned the inside of cupboards and organized the tupperware, did all the dishes, took out the trash, washed the garbage pail, dusted, and was on my hands and knees for a FULL 30 MINUTES washing the 4 month old crap off the floor.

Then i swept a large cat's worth of hair from the hallway and organized the shoes and cleaned the front hallway.

Am i abnormal in my thinking that a clean house should be the norm? If not clean then how about tidy? Or if not tidy then how about just not a dump?



Angie said...

Are you for hire Amy? I have a kitchen that sounds like it could use your help! Hang in there thing will get better! Praying for you and Josiah says hello Auntie Amy!

Leigh said...

Praying for you sweet friend.

janet said...

830 am is not sleeping in?? SINCE WHEN!!!!!!!

p.s. cat hair makes people sick. you should be more clean. your house sounds gross. i'm staying at a hotel when i visit.

Curtis said...

You get up at 8:30?? That's sooooo (say it out loud sarcastically) early!!

Anonymous said...

I am just a lurker, but go to she has a house cleaning regimen. Print the weekly chore list and give everyone a works in a house full of kids so it should work with adults too!!

Transformed said...

Haha! Love this post. I am the mama that bleaches the bathroom every day! A clean house is a happy mom :-) OK, I know that is not very godly, but boy do I like a tidy, squeaky clean home.

janet said...