Monday, February 23, 2009

It takes 2 to go to war but only 1 to fall in love.

Copeland- You are my sunshine. Chillest album ever. So good. Leigh- I THINK (but i'm not too sure) that you'd like it. 

I don't have a whole lot to say but my sister is apparently desperate for a new post.

- i HATE basil. it was my roommates birthday tonight and SHE made US supper. Nice right? My internal reaction of "EEEEEWWWW!!!"..... not so nice. 

- sometimes i really really want to litter but i think of my best friend bethany and how disappointed she'd be so i don't. 

- i just paused my music (copeland) and heard on the tv... "tours of Toronto's dirtiest bathrooms". thats gross. 

- yesturday there was a really weird freak 20 minute blizzard and i saw this boxer playing with his 2 owners and it made me SO happy to see the dog so happy. and then i thought how WEIRD it was that i felt that way. and then i got excited because as soon as i get married i'm definietly getting a dog and naming it Scout!

- if i had won the giant 52 million lottery this weekend i would do the following.
- give erin and scott whatever they wanted so they could get to uganda ASAP
- get my parents a really nice bungalow so they dont have to walk up and down stairs when they get old
- i'd get highlights for the heck of it! YAY!!!!
- i'd buy a horse and bring it to uganda with me with a beautiful english saddle and 
a western one too for trekking the hills. 
- i'd build a cute clinic and treat sick people in Uganda
- i'd give a ton to Katie because shes out of this world awesome and has the biggest heart possible
- i'd take care of all immediate family and my nana and buppa and nana and grampy 
but i guarantee they'd want me to use it for africa because thats just how cool and awesome and loving they all are!!!
- then i'd get my financial advisor, curtis, to invest it so that i'd make so much off the interest that i would be able to tithe and give away like 99.9% every year and live off of the bare minimum. 

- my friend curtis bet me 250 dollars that i couldn't not eat mcdonalds for 365 days. today is day 53 and i can't wait till 11:59:59 of dec 31, 2009 when i can put my hand out and accept 250 big ones. 

- today was dollar days at No Frills and my most expensive purchase was 4 sweet potatoes. 

- i'm ridiculously exited for the bachelor next week. seriously. i've been waiting 7 weeks now for Deanna to come back and finally she does next week. 

- i randomly messaged a youth from the bridge to go for coffee and she called and said she'd been going through the toughest few weeks ever and really needed to chat. THEN at No Frills i saw a sweet friend and we're going out for coffee this week cause I really need it. I love how God works like that!!!


Leigh said...

So I haven't listened to Copeland in YEARS! I loved them in high school and saw them once in concert but lost track after a while, I will certainly be checking it out. So weird that you though of me.
I can't believe you hate basil, of all the herbs really basil? I say cilantro is the worse, that stuff is just yucky,
Is the name Scout from the book to Kill a Mocking Bird or do you just like it?
There is no way I could go a year without McDonalds, not even for 250 it would have to be at least 500.
YAY about your coffee date with a bridge youth! praying praying!

janet said...

I am so mad at you.if i won 52 million i woul dget you something! you shoul dhave said you woul dpay of your sisters morgtage, pay for your neice and nephew to go to harvard and become neurosurgeons, and invest a few million in REVOLUTION MOTORS INC.
I would have done soooo much for you.
and no its not weird about the dog thing. i saw a wheaty the other day and nearly collapsed from excitment. OH and a WHFT walked by my house and i screamed and joel siad i was crazy. but i think its just pure love for a beautiful creation.
Ava got a nintendo DS with all that change shes been hording. Its cute.

Moving Forward said...

you dog name stealer. also i am with jan you're a liar theres no way you can go 365 days without mcchicken sauce. also i think deanna comes back not to get him back, but to warn him to not make a mistake like she did. and i think he will chose melissa but say i need to meet your family first.