Thursday, February 12, 2009

My day so far.

Wake up after 6.5 hours of 3 phone calls from Uganda that woke up me between those 6.5 hours.

Woke up to realize i had a sweet dream but can't remember it and that is a RARE thing around these parts.

Sat at my desk and didn't move an inch for 5 hours until i was so overcome with frustration i pounded my fists on my desk, yelled out loud, and held my APA book over my head ready to throw it across the room and stopped suddenly. "Amy- you are much to old to throw a temper tantrum now. Get back to work"

Got to school only to realize i had no money in my account to print. Logged onto skype and send emergency message to my hero preston who went and bought a muffin to break a bill so i could have 70 cents to print.

Went to seminar in my Pj's, something I always swear i never do. Thats just lazy! But off i went with old scrub pants, giant west edmonton mall tee and rain coat, hair in a clip from last night, face NOT washed.

Got picked to explain to the class the ONE question I could not get my head around. (honestly- try googling post-necrotic cirrhosis and see how much info you get...BRUTAL!)

In desperate need of MORE money on my printing account at school but had no change. had to take out 20 dollars (21.25 with machine charges).

stood in line for 15 minutes at tim hortons where i ordered a small coffee one cream one sugar.

Finally...i can relax.....or so i thought.

Anyone want a coffee one sugar no cream...because i certainly don't!



Scott and Erin said...

i got a speeding ticket today. $151. wanna call and we can cry together? :) LOVE you!

janet said...

sister. you are funny. if you are looking for a definition i found one that makes TOTAL sense.
Cirrhosis characterized by necrosis involving whole lobules, with the collapse of the reticular framework to form large scars; it may follow viral or toxic necrosis, or develop as a result of dietary deficiencies.


poor girl.

Leigh said...

ew those days are the worst kind!!!

Praying your night goes better than your day!