Thursday, March 26, 2009

Current Obsessions

Awhile back, Leigh wrote a blog about her current obsessions and challenged her readers to do the same. Leigh- this post is for you! 
Lately I have really enjoyed mowing down a crisp, cold granny smith. Early in the morning or after a good long swim, there is nothing better.
I've never been the most outdoorsy girl but this summer i intend on becoming one. I also want to go camping for real. I've been twice before but they don't count because one time was in grade 6 on a field trip and one time was an hour from my house. While I'm camping, I want to enjoy comfortable footwear which brings me to my next obsession. I love looking for a good deal on Chaco's online and while I have yet to purchase a pair, I will, once i go to a store and try on a pair so I know the exact size.
I love dogs. I especially love boxers. I know that this is a golden retriever but I have to include it because a) he's got the cutest face and b) i MAY chose a GR over a boxer if i were to ever live on a farm, fish a lot, or decide that i don't mind being covered in dog hair. until then......
I will continue being in love with Boxers. Sometimes i think they are actually kind of ugly- like this photo. He doesn't seem as attractive a purchase as Buddy one photo up but I think they're so cool and would be really fun to run with. Plus I'm naming my dog Scout and it suits a boxer better. 
Normally, i love being in bare feet. But lately I've been LOVING my champion socks. I get bulk packs from Costco and they are good quality and oh so comfortable. 

I am currently obsessed with looking at houses online. Recently I found this little gem, here in Peterborough, and I often day dream about organizing and rearranging my non existent house. I flip between wanting to hop a plane to Uganda as soon as I fill in the last letter on the scan tron sheet of my RN exam and settling down here, having a cute house, a cute family, and a cute dog. 
I am currently obsessed with love. Not even me being in love really... lately I just really love love. Maybe it has something to do with all the great love stories I've read/watched/know lately. Either way- I love love and I'm not ashamed to admit it. 

I am currently/continually obsessed with FAIL BLOG. It is a hilarious website and i check it often.  
Another great website is bookmarked on my computer as "Natch News". Now I realize that there are many people out there who are die hard animal lovers and can't stand to watch those world wildlife foundation commercials and stuff but really, unless its a horse or a dog i really like, i could care less about animals. In fact, right next to my bookmarked Natch News, is my bookmarked BBC Africa. I like human news way better than animal news but sometimes you can learn the coolest/dumbest things....take for example THIS little ditty how aphids like to snuggle with their dead friends for protection. Who knew?!


Leigh said...

okay love granny smith apples, really why would you eat or cook with anything else?
I wish we had a Costco, we have Sam's though and I just fell in love with it all over again last night.
Love some FailBlog, we look at it at work all the time.
The new layout is amazing, seriously I love it.

janet said...

You know what they say about dogs and their owners. they look alike. why dont you choose a pretty dog? Be cause a boxer isnt all that becoming on you.
Be like your sister. Choose something with grace, elegance, gorgeous hair, a non shedder, and better yet, poised. like a wheaten or a a kerry blue.
If you buy a shedder i will NEVER baby sit it or let it in my house.
PRIASE ONCE AGAIN ON YOUR NEW LOOK. your blog look that is ...although your pretty too

The Albertsons said...

I love your obsessions :).
chaco's rock, by the way!!!

Anonymous said...

So I had a great little chuckle when I saw your Golden Retriever shot...cuz guess what?? we are adopting a puppy at the end of June....the mommy is expecting puppies at the end of April and we will get her in June.....exciting!!!! The hair ...not so exciting -the things us parents do for our kids. And our name? I think it will be Zoe....Zoe the Golden Retrieverxo

You can babysit ANYTIME!!!!
XO Miss are wonderful
Big Hugs