Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I finished my Anatomy and Physiology bell ringer. I have one more exam (the giant final) and then i'm done with this course forever!!!! 

I had a rough night. I sound like a broken record but I hate living in a dirty house. I cleaned before i went to bed on sunday night while my roommates and friends had a 10 hour all night study party.... the outcome of which I did not want to deal with. I don't understand why someone won't clean up their mess if coffee is shot across a table and splatters over a giant portion of wall and slides down to a nice puddle under the table. Anyway- I came home after studying in the library for 9 SOLID hours and all i wanted was a glass of water. I go into the kitchen, turn on the light and its like a tornado struck. I sigh and open the cupboard where our cups usually are only to find the entire 3 shelve thing empty. completely empty. not even a coffee mug was clean. f-r-u-s-t-r-a-t-i-n-g.  Adding to the misery of my mind was the fact that i'd booked my plane tickets home for april 3rd but now all i want is for april 3 to get here and some bad news from home.  I woke up this morning worn out and called my friend so we could meet at 9 for breakfast.

She was late and so i just sat and read my bible while i waited and tried to chill. I started reading 1st Samuel and got really into it. I love that Elkannah loved Hannah so much even though she was had an 'empty womb'. I love how it says that Hannah's "face was no longer downcast" when Eli told her that the God of Israel would grant her what she asked of him. I love how it says that the Lord 'remembered' Hannah. What i love most is that Hannah praised God even after she had weaned Samuel and went to give him to the Lord. It seems to me that the natural reaction would be for her to just 'forget' that she'd made the promise in the first place- after all- she'd wanted this child for so long. But later it talks about how Hannah was blessed with more children because she was faithful to her Lord. He blessed her beyond what she prayed for and asked for because of her faith. 

I want to be like that. I want to be like Hannah with tons of faith. I want to be like Abigail who was beautiful AND intelligent. I want to be a great friend like Ruth. 

hmm.....  do you think Hannah would silently scream at her roommates???     shoot.

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janet said...

1 and 2 Samuel is my fav!!!!!!!!!