Thursday, July 31, 2008

"Our Eskimo Neighbors to the South"

there's long been tension between canadians and americans. canadians think americans are ignorant of all things canada and americans think canada is somehow VERY different than america.

i remember being in 8th grade and being very angry that we had to memorize all states and capitals and yet you'd be hard pressed to find an american who could correctly tell you canada's capital. i love america. i think great things come from it like jessica simpson and target. oh- and mcdonalds. but sometimes i wonder how (i'm about to make a sweeping generalization) an entire country can know so little about their neighboring country.

to all my lovely american friends. i love you. canada loves you. but sometimes i wonder.....

watch this short video. this guy is rick mercer, he's from a show called 'this hour has 22 minutes' and he goes to the states every few years and makes outlandish statements and get americans to congratulate canada on ridiculous things like legalizing dogs as housepets, protecting their national igloo and getting the 24 hour clock.

and if you don't get the prime minister poutine the time this was filmed, jean cretien was prime minister. and poutine is a food. a yummy yummy mixutre of chesse, gravy and fries.

one of my personal favorites is how we've reached a population of 1 million.

On a personal note- one of my very best friends in the world is american. she is incredibly smart and goes to a prestigious university. i told her that canada's health care is so much better than america's because we have no nursing home. to save money- we send out elderly away on ice flows once they reach the designated age. we have big going away parties and then you say bye to grandma and away she goes! and she totally and completely believed me.



The Albertsons said...

Oh my gosh. This is HILARIOUS. You are hilarious! I totally get it... americans are pretty dumb when it comes to anything outside our borders. Of course that's a generalization but for most folks, it's true. I think I'm going to send my grandma away on a raft now...
still laughing...
becca :)

suubi said...

Hey now. I like Canada. I know that Quebec is the capital of Canada and that canadians love those french-canadians. Moreover, I would love to sometime have the opportunity to pledge allegiance to a maple leaf.

That being said, when I was a kid, we were on a cruise to Alaska. Due to the proximity of the cruise to the north pole, there were a number of canadians on the ship. One night, my less than sober brother, declared loudly in a bar packed with canadians, that Canada was like an attic -- you know it is up there but there is not much good in it. He followed that brilliant comment with the statement that america should just take canada over so that it has one big strip of land. Needless to say, for the first time I saw easy-going canadians not so easy-going.

I love canada, but enjoy the gamesmanship between the countries.