Thursday, July 24, 2008

Knowing the good

"So then, if you know the good you ought to do and don't do it, you sin." James 4:17 TNIV

I was thinking about this verse today between scooping and was just a little bit floored. Thats kind of an intense statement. I sin when i KNOW i should do something, and i don't.

So i guess that means like when i hear my friends gossiping, and i not only don't tell them to stop, but i join in. And when i know i'm maybe didn't lie, but i definitely edited... And when i know i should be more patient with my sister but sometimes i just don't care?

Wow. this is kind of hard.

I remember when i was little, i used to have to memorize bible verses to get stuff. Like one time i wanted rollarblades so my mom said I had to memorize psalm 1 and when i could say it with no mistakes, i could get rollarblades.

I've always had a knack for bible memory. All through elementary and high school when we had memorize, i always did it. And never a lot of my classmates. 2 reasons i probably didn't- one- theres something extra sinful if you cheat on bible memory and two- i kinda secretly deep down liked to memorize!

I used to love reading missionary biographies and stories and in a lot the people would get ready for prison by memorize whole parts of the bible. And while i've never memorized whole parts, there was a point in my life, when i could recite ALLLL of Philippians.

So now i get these random verses stuck in my head and i think about them all day. But maybe its not just a random verse. Maybe i'm supposed to be reading into this. This could be God telling me....uh amy- take a closer look at your life please...


In my daily blog perusing, I read brandi's and she and some friends started a bible reading challenge. I've been really into my Message bible but I rarely read the old testament. So i'm joining her challenge! Here is the link from her site that i stole and am using now too. Thanks for the challenge Brandi!

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