Thursday, July 10, 2008

My Good Deed....

Tonight was an adventure. Mollie and Matt (my 2 cousins who are living with my fam for the fun!!!) and I went for a run a little after 10 tonight. We all did pretty well considering what terrible shape we are in and after me and matt did some hard core sprinting, we decided that we needed slurpee's from 7-11.

When we got there, this kid comes near us at the slurpee section and says, "watch out for that dog pee on the floor" and i got kinda mad because who lets their dog pee in a store and doesn't clean it up! So i asked the kid who owned the dog and he didn't know and said it had been hanging around the 7-11 all night and had followed his friends home and they brought it back to the store. So me mollie and matt get our slurpees and start walking home.

The little dog follows us and so we name him Kiki after our friend Jessica and Kirks cat that we love. He followed us all the way home and so we got him some water and cheese and i made a little doggie house outside complete with a roof and covered porch because it was going to rain tonight and i wanted him to stay dry. So me and mol go inside and kiki starts whining and barking and wants to come inside. By now its after 11 and so we decide to drop him back off at 7-11. I let him out of my car and he looked SO sad so i called him back in and we drove home. I thought i'd let him sleep in my car but after about 5 minutes of LOUD barking, i got annoyed and me and mol took him BACK to 7-11. By now i was crying because i felt so bad for this really smelly, little dog that just wanted his family back and I felt horribly about just abandoning him so after another failed attempt at dropping him off, me and mol decide to take him to the police station.

Its 1:30am right now and i'm wide awake because of Kiki. When we got to the police, the lady was super nice and we brought kiki back to this kennel with a nice red blankie and they ahd food and water and in the morning i'm going back to take him to the humane society.

But i just thought, if that was my dog, i'd want someone to take good care of him while he was lost and i'd be SO MAD if someone just let him hang out at 7-11 all night.

So there you have it.

Mollie and I potentially saved a life.


Rachel and Arielle said...

Did you get bangs!?

Anonymous said...

ew what a lovely picture of us. we look like strays too