Sunday, July 6, 2008

i get it!!!

i feel like most of the time, when God has something he needs me to understand, he doesn't do it gently. and most of the time, i need something big to get my attention. but today was different.

i have this deep need to be in control. i know whats going on in every area of my life and i'm a detail oriented person.

today at church we sang this song we always sing but one line kinda spoke softly to my heart instead of hitting me like a ton of bricks like usual.

"all of my ambitions, hopes and plans, i surrender these, into your hands"

i need to do that. i know i need to do that. i forget sometimes that i'm not the ultimate controller of everything in my life. God is and the majority of the time i give him no room to work. i imagine him just sitting back with his arms crossed, smiling saying "ok amy, go for it, and when i all goes crazy and you need help, i'll be here, and maybe next time you'll ask for my help before hand and save yourself a load of trouble..."

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