Monday, July 14, 2008

Letting Go.

Its time for a confession. A sad, emotional confession.

For the last few years of my life, I'd be involved in a tumultuous love affair. I met this man one day at my friend Angela's house when he came over for supper and I was immediately hooked. I was in love and from that point on I could not get enough.

For awhile I had to be near him all the time. He hung out at home with me and many times i would visit him at work, sometimes just driving through quickly but often staying and sitting down for a while. I would get mad at him and keep my distance for a while but I'd always come back to him.

He was so faithful and stuck by me, and to me, always. When i was sad, he was there. When i was mad, he was there. When i was happy, he was there.

But over time we began to develop an unhealthy relationship and it was taking a tole on me physically. Lately I've been relying on him a lot more than I should and tonight I've come to peace with giving him up. Its time I make a change in my life and sometimes when you just NEED to do something, you have to give something up.

It's hard to explain my love for him, the majority of the world doesn't understand why I love him, but I have never been a follower and I've stuck by him through many scandals and defamations. Some people don't believe in him, but I do.....but not anymore.

So I'm giving you up mister! You no longer are a part of my life. I will not go to you for comfort. It may seem like I'm being harsh but I have to do this. I need to make a clean break or I wont be able to make a break at all.

You are being replaced by a healthier choice.

Goodbye Ronald McDonald.


Anonymous said...

amy, i have a confession as well...this ronald you speak of...well, i was involved with that man as well! BUT NO LONGER WILL HE FOIL MY LIFE and ruin my curvaceous bod!

isabelle said...

LOL! Bless you!
Good luck!

Rachel and Arielle said...

cracking up!!!!!!! jumi is too!

Rachel and Arielle said...

i just need to say that i miss you amy fran marigold king.

suubi said...