Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Non-years resolutions

1. go to every class even the ones i hate and even the ones at the most ridiculous times (seriously....5pm on a friday evening??!!)

2. try to eat things that aren't processed or that comes covered in plastic. (i loooove cheese slices)

3. read my bible through in a year

4. watch every single new episode of grey's anatomy and the bachelor no matter what the cost, be it academic or social. :)

I got a new textbook yesterday and although it felt like high way robbery (173 dollars) i was very excited to bring it home and open it up with my roommate tori and look at the gross photos of people with diseases in it. I LOVE that kind of stuff....

Here's a really funny website. It's called Fail Blog and really all it is is photos or videos of things that aren't quite right. it great.


Leigh said...

YAY for reading the bible in a year! Which schedule are you using? And yay for the bachelor, this season is going to be CRAZY! Also we go through failblog at work like once a week. I am thinking about blogging about the bachelor. Yeah that is kinda lame but it keeps my mind off of MG and everyone watches it, geez my husband even gets sucked it sometimes. He is going to kill me for writing that on the internet.

Leigh said...

This is the schedule I am using
they also have tons of different options. oh the bachelor convo is about to be on the blog

julie d said...

i like that your first one is that you'll attend every single class and a later one is that at the cost of going to school, you'll watch the tv shows. haha gotta love that (:

thanks for reading. good to know i guess! [ps - the mac book skillzzzz are slowing coming along!]