Monday, January 5, 2009

I miss these people!!


Rachel and Arielle said...

I miss that super fun group of girls too! We had such a blast together. Thanks for putting up those super cute pics of us! Man, I'm attractive.

when am i going to see you in real life again?

Arielle and I were talking about how our UG friends are still our best friends, even though we barely see each other let alone even talk. UG reunion 2009?
I love you!
OH ps- Arielle and I usually refer to you as Amy Fran and my mom always asks about Amy Marigold...have I told you that?

Amy said...

no you havent. but i love it. and we need to plan a reunion. when? me you air shellz? guess what. i saw lana the other day and she has a baby named Zoe and shes SOOOO cute and lana looks amazing and has this ring like you would not believe.

i watched our hilarous videos from when we went fishing with musa and air looks like shes going to die of laughter in a large majority of them...

"welcome to fabulous lake vicky! my mom in africa!"