Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Know what i love?

Hearing Phin shout WAWOOWOW! whenever he'd see his best friend Raoul.

Spending 8 hour days at church and cooercing our beautiful friends into taking senior photos, and jumping shots behind the school our church met in.

Visiting Mama Rukia, meeting her family and seeing her house and eating so much food i probably could have survived the amount for a good month. no joke.

This amazing girl and her beautiful heart, ministry and children!

These girls and guy who taught me to dance and to be proud of my mzungu moves (or more appropriately- lack of moves)! I also love the people in this photo for showing me about faith, prayer and trusting God to move even when you have 36 hours till an event for 600 kids is taking place and you're short 300,000 shillings.

Know what i love? Talking to THIS family!

Know what else i love? When the good Lord lays something on your heart and so you facebook your friend for no particular reason other than to say 'thinking about you! you're great!" and then getting a sweet phone call on the bus ride home from a tiring day at school. so sweet is the phone call that you nearly miss your stop. and then you talk for 2 hours. and at the end of it, see a super cute movie (bride wars) with your awesome roommate.

thats what i love.


Scott and Erin said...

ok, how come when Katie is in UG she looks all Angelina, and when I am in UG i look more.... sweaty pig....?

LOVE LOVE LOVE you! Thanks for being friends with a sweaty pig!

Scott and Erin said...

oh, and also, in the jumping picture, my favorite part is that the bazungu are the only ones with their feet off the ground :)

Brandi said...

You crack me up! What a sweet list. . .It makes me excited to head back!