Thursday, November 6, 2008

Cats Galore

This is weird. I know it is. But it is also so so very funny if you let your mind go to that place where everything about cats is matter what.

As i looked through my recent downloads i was struck by the fact that probably 93% of my downloads are photos of cats. You're probably wondering why. This is the answer...


Mollie is my best cuzzie. she also loves funny cat photos. so sometimes in my spare time i like to google cat photos. and below are some of my favorites so far.


PS- FTW means For The Win (a common phrase in mollie and my vernacular)



Rick said...

Sometimes I like to let my mind drift into a zen of caturdays where that which is translucent is now become comical and that which was comical is now become hilarium. Happy Caturdays to you all.

mollie said...

my dearest cousin,
all of the adoption papers for those cats you posted have just been finalized! i am now the owner of a multitude of beautiful cats!
ugly cats ftw!
mew mew mew meow mew meow mew mew meow
guess what song that is

Scott and Erin said...

there is not one of these pictures that DOESN'T give me the creeps. thanks amy.

Lonely Anthony said...


Rachel and Arielle said...

i saw the title and didn't think it would be that funny.
cracking up loudly at my desk by myself about the one with the women's head switched around with the cat.
I love you wierdo!