Monday, June 15, 2009

Rachel's Big News

My beautiful friend Rachel.....
 commented that she has big news to tell me. Due to the fact that I can't find her or Arielle's phone number, I'm dedicating this post to her big news. 

I'm thinking 2 things could be the big news. The first, is that Ellen invited Air and Rach to her show to hang out and talk about their awesome times experiences in Uganda.
Ellen was a HUGE support to the three of us.....
... while we were there. Ellen was always there to lift our spirits and was always the first one to suggest we dance our stresses out. She even had her own room which she kindly let Air and Rach store the bags and bags of shoes these 2 awesome girls collected to bring to Uganda. Ellen even let Rach borrow her air cast shoes! She's so generous!

Now for the big news.  I've always known Rachel to a touch fanatical about the rennisance period. And I know for a FACT that were her and her wonderful boyfriend Napthali to get engaged she would have a themed wedding. After all... who doesn't LOVE theme weddings right?
I've been told I look phenomenal in crushed velvet and as a bridesmaid (RIGHT RACH?!) I'll pull off the classic, floor length, long sleeve excellently. 

Rach. If i'm right and I have a feeling I am....the three of us....
... are going to experience the best reunion.....
the world has ever seen.....
It's going to be so fantastic that we'll have to eat chicken with this guy again. 
My dear Rach. I am SO happy for you and Nap and I cannot WAIT to be with you when you guys start your life together. 

Now tell me if i'm right or if i need to delete this post. 


Anonymous said...

You're right!!! I love the post but why did you have to pick the ugliest pics of me ever??

I love you! Not only do you have to be at my wedding- I REALLY REALLY REALLY want you to be IN it! I know it's hard being a student so I will do whatever it takes to help you get here! Seriously. I can't imagine getting married without my Ugandan BFFskis up there with me. My mom REALLY wants "amy marigold" to be in it too!

I will send you something soon- not an invite yet.

Ellen will be a bridesmaid too. Sweetest reunion evah!
Love you!

Anonymous said...

I just emailed my mom with the link to this post- here is what she said...

"Hi-lar-i-ous!!!!!!!! Funniest post ever…..what more can I say…CHARACTER!!!!
You are definitely right to get Amy Marigold here somehow!!
Thanks for the crack-up!
Love you,

Straight from the typing of Vicky.

Love you again,

Amy said...

RACH! you better believe I'm in your wedding. Send me the details asap!

mom said...

i figured out how to comment. i hope i remember how when i need to say something important. mom