Saturday, June 27, 2009

The last 2 weeks in photo journal format.

A good portion of my time is spent here. This is the view from my favorite rock. I often go to this spot with my bible, journal and Ipod and spend some quality time with the Lord.
I've also been spending a good amount of time with this lady. She works at The Bridge and she is lovingly referred to as my "peterborough mom". We often eat lunch together in the park across from the office. She's a wonderful woman and a beautiful friend. 
My dear Robyn turned 17 this week and we threw a little birthday party for her down at the Silver Bean Cafe. 
My sister, her husband (not pictured- that guy is steve), and her 2 crazy adorable kids, Ava and Carter, came to visit for 2 days. It was exhausting and so much fun. My lovely roommate Tori came back to town (she goes home in the summers) to hang out for a night and her and I, along with a bunch of friends, got all fancied up and went to the Distillery District in Toronto. It was a great night. 

These last 2 weeks have been crazy busy. The end of my summer semester is near, my last exam is 9am on monday and I'm in the midst of studying. Its for pharmacology- a class i absolutely love! Yesterday some friends and I went to this old rock quarry near town and spent the afternoon swimming and exploring and having a blast. Have i mentioned lately that I love my life here?

Last night was The Bridge and I'm now a 'supervisor'! Exciting stuff! That's all for now. Peace. 

Rachel- Email me info about your wedding already!


janet said...

you really could have chosen a nicer photo of me dontcha think? that one doesnt really show my true beauty....

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy,

I don't have a date set yet- or anything really. I've been busy the past 2 weeks!!

I will let you know for sure when I start nailing down dates becuase I have to make sure it works for you!!

Loved your entry today- you look so pretty!

janet said...

you look hot in your last pic. i love your hair curly