Saturday, May 2, 2009

We were both drinking fiction with greedy tongues.

Lately I really love:
  • Fiction Family particularly the songs "when she's near", "elements combined" and "out of order".
  • Making my bed in the morning and fluffing my duvet after someone sits on my bed and makes a mark on the bed.
  • Being barefoot
  • Painting my finger nails clear. 
  • C. S Lewis and Henri Nouwen
  • Columbian coffee with 10% cream and one brown sugar packet
  • Only wearing mascara
  • Reading my pharmacology textbook
  • My Gustav Klimt print "Der Kuss" (its that photo above)
  • Love
  • Being in Peterborough
Lately I really don't love:
  • The presence of fruit flies
  • Straightening my hair
  • Top 40 music
  • Thinking about how I may not be able to go to UG for a long time
  • Washing the toothbrush cup in the bathroom
  • Feeling obligated
  • Cursive
  • Over thinking
  • Indifference

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