Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Putting my nursing skills to good use....

It's time to play a little game. I like to call it "Lets see how well you've paid attention in class to see if your self diagnosis is accurate".  

Let the games begin!

First- I self diagnose myself with a torn Rhomboideus major muscle of my posterior left back.  I am basing this diagnosis on the wide breadth of symptoms i am experiencing and from thorough self questioning.

Secondly- I self diagnose myself with a kidney infection that should have been treated over 3 weeks ago. I'd love to get into the lovely array of signs and symptoms but besides from most of the being pretty embarrassing, i'm not too sure if those kinds are things are appropriate blog topics. :) Due to the craziness of school and life, and the ridiculous lack of walk in clinics in Peterborough I've let this one slip... Cross your fingers I'm not about to go septic or go into acute renal failure due to my reluctance to seek medical attention in a timely fashion. 

I'll update later with the doctors medical diagnosis and we'll see if all this money i'm spending is really being put to good use! Cheers!


Melissa said...

Oh, this is a fun game :) It 's strange, in a way I hope your right(ya know props for learning your stuff)on the other hand, I wouldn't wish a kidney infection on anyone.

Medical diagnosis makes me giddy :)
I'm not a doctor but I pretend to be one in real life :)

janet said...

So I think you actually have a herniated (sp?) disc. and that you should just chill out with the 18 km a day bike rides.and ask dad for a car. and since I cant run anymore you shouldnt either. its bad for your hurt bad.

Now about the kidney infection the symptoms arent that bad to blog about and I have read worse from your blog as of recently. So I think you are probably correct on this one but its probably just a bladder infection. If it is a kidney or bladder infection and you have LEFT IT FOR THREE WEEKS!?!?! you probably should hop and skip your way (gently because of your back condition) down to the emergency room where you can declare to the nearest doc that you are about to die because you HAVE LEFT AN INFECTION FOR THREE WEEKS. they will proabbly have to remove your kidney and bladder becuase they have rotted away and are feeding your body with un healthy amounts of bacterial grossness.
Call me if you are really going to have a kidney infection and I will get a flight out early and be your nurse. mom taught me well. I'm sympathetic. ava loves being sick and fakes it like every other day.

p.s my other diagnosis is stress. a stress tear of your lower back muscle # B7g90kl and kidney area pain because your stressed.

janet said...

whats the word?