Sunday, April 19, 2009

saved and being saved

Saturday = the bridge = goodness. 

during debrief we listened to a voicemail that had been saved about a kid who's given his life to Christ and is pumped about it. He was thanking the message reciever for all his help and said how he met a guy playing guitar and told him 'what he's all about' (aka- Jesus) and then said something that struck me soooo deeply. the kid asked what he could do for this guy who's really been there for him. 

whoa. that may not seem like a big deal but its phenomenal. a lot of the time these kids can't think past themselves and for him to say in effect... 'i appreciate you and what you've done for me, i want to give to you now'... thats what we pray for. thats the kind of change we long to see. 

so awesome. church today was incredible. i went to a different one than my usual because my friend was speaking and it was awesome-- all about Isaiah 61 and how Jesus came to heal the sick, bind the brokenhearted, set the captives free. He's here and wants to heal us from all the junk that happened in our lives prior to knowing him or while knowing him and taking those lies we believe about ourselves and exchanging them for the truths that are in Him. so good. 

6 days till THE RESCUE!!


mollie said...

i wish there was a "like" button for blogger. i like this. that's great news about that guy Amy.
my rescue t-shirts are being shipped!

janet said...

very nice. but can you post everyday? i know you cannot possible be THAT busy and if you are its all in your mind.

entertain me with your words sista...
that walk sounds scary. i know its for a good cause and everything but cant you get arrested? you know you cant leave the country with a criminal record.