Saturday, April 18, 2009

Chunk of Change

My roommate Tori is going to Martin Sexton tonight in Toronto. How i wish i could go! He's unreal. Blows your mind. Am i jealous? Yes. 

I have been finding/ mollie has been finding the best blogs ever. I've decided to do a favor to the world and post them here for all you to see. It takes a very specific kind of humor to find them funny but they are gold and gold is worth sharing.

Also if you like odd(aka really sweet) music then you will LOVE this song/visual extravaganza then click HERE

In other news I had a killer convo with a kid at the bridge that straight up made my day. And the best part was that Jenn- my roommate- had an equally killer convo with another kid that straight up made HER day, and when we reconvened at The Night Kitchen moments later for a slice of za and told eachother our stories, we both were floored. 

This God we serve is out of control awesome. This youth center we serve at is what Jesus is all about and I think if he was here physically, He'd be a regular. 

This saturday, myself, a bunch of friends and 950 other people (so far...) are meeting in Toronto and abducting ourselves for the child soldiers in Uganda. We're being tied together and we're marching 2 miles to our LRA base camp in a park in downtown toronto where we're waiting for big names in the world to come rescue us. We're causing a peaceful ruckus and the words getting out. An extra cool part? Some bridge kids want to come too! There's something inexplainable about being involved in changing a nation, ending a war, and bringing kids home and doing it with 100,000 other people around the world....simultaneously. I believe the right word would be privilege. 

Check it and wreck it.


Anonymous said...

2 miles sounds like a long way to march! do you think maybe you should ride floating feather instead?

for real though, i love your love for our home, UG.

Anonymous said...

Hey Amy
I'll be at The RESCUE too...
See you next weekend!

Anonymous said...

Shannon (Mississauga)