Thursday, October 2, 2008

hows THIS for providence!

Ok so i moved to this new province and city right? And all along the way God's been kinda giving me these sweet little taps on my shoulder just to let me know he's got it all under control. He knows i'm a worrier and that i have anxiety about a million things and will often be up at night going over something random and insignifcant from the day making sure i did the right thing. So sometimes he just gives me these little treats and says "hey ames, right here beside here, just hanging out keeping you safe and on track".

Today me and roomie Bea went to The Bridge where she volunteers and where I will too after my sweet volunteer training night tonight. So my house decided that since its right down the road from us, like a 3 minute walk, that we would cook dinner and just have the staff over to hang out and appreciate them for all they're doing for the youth of P-town. We go this afternoon and no one is really there are first but there's this guy and he's wearing OBVIOSULY african material on his shirt (all you africa lovers know exactly what i'm talking about). Its the kind of shirt you'd spot a mile away. So of course i asked him where he got it and all that good stuff.

Turns out he got it in west africa, just got back from South Africa and is the head guy or something for Youth For Christ and a big part of his job is finding workers from HERE to go work for YFC THERE. HOW COOL!!!!!!!! He gave me his card and we talked for a long time and i told him about UG and all that good stuff.

I said "do you really have use for nurses though?" and he said "the awesome thing abotu YFC is that we don't try to fit you into our box. We look at your skill set and see where YOU'd best fit with us! We have tons of Aids programs all over the world that many nurses and working with....." and it just went on and on.

And I said "Alright Lord! I get it. You want me here. This is where i'm supposed to be! Also your so cool!"

and imagine.....what if i hadn't dated that guy waaaay back in bible school for so long and got to know his family? What if i hadn't met his uncle who is the DIRECTOR of YFC in Ptown where i live?

Gods got this whole "taking care of business" thing DOWN!

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Scott and Erin said...

ooh amy i'm really excited about seeing where God leads you with this! How cool!