Sunday, October 5, 2008

explosions in the sky

Yesterday night was probably one of the funnest i've had in a long time. And funny thing hasn't really ended yet. let me explain.

last night at around 8ish i went to the bridge to get a feel for the place, hang out with the youth and just kinda chill. I played a lot of guitar hero with little luck at breaking the 40,000 dollar barrier and a ton of mario kart which i'm a pro at. Except that i got 8th place almost ever race.

So after everyone debriefed and stuff we headed over the this resturant type place called "the night kitchen". aptly named since its open till super late (or early) at night (or morning). I got these pizza that had sweet potato and regular potato on it and thats it. weird i know. but magic with creamy garlic dipping sauce. ok so anyway.

we got out of the night kitchen and headed back to our house around 12:30am. We started playing Wii and doing fitness tests and were having a ton of fun. around 3am we started watching you tube videos of people breaking their bones. then steve had the great idea of checking out the abandonded school thats like 5 houses down from us. long story short (bethany- start laughing now) i fell through a window thing and broke both my knees as i graced the cement floor below me. i'm not even kidding you- if there is something to fall into, to trip over, i will trip/fall into/over it.

at 4 am i was running on empty and jenn steve and jordan heading downtown to get coffee and roof hop. they watched the sunrise from the roof of the brant building and had a sweet prayer session as the sun was rising (can i say that i love my friends?).

10am this morning i get woken up by the 3 of them jumping onto me in bed and then we went to church together!

ok let me tell you about this church. its called the third space, and its really non traditional, and really chill, and really cool. Its in this old church but there are no pews and no "worship" in the shout to the Lord type song, hands raised eyes closed kind of worship but worship in the fellowship and communion and learning worship something. we sat around tables and i propped my feet up and drank my coffee and soaked it in. the "pastor" stood at the front while we ate breakfast and coffee and we actually said prayer requests and then prayed for them on the spot. they are going through this book called "the irresistable revoluntion- living as an ordinary radical" by Shane Claiborne (erin- this is a book for YOU!) and we kinda just chatted about the chapter that everyone had read sweet stuff. it was cool.

right now jordan and brad are playing baseball on Wii and steve is sleeping on the couch. Jenn is making lamb roast for our dinner party tonight, bea is doing homework and i'm doing my chem assignment.

i love my life.


Scott and Erin said...

that book is def on my list! LOVE!

janet said...

ames. isnt lamb roast a litte rich for " poor " students? and ...oh ya, aves was crying on the couch this a.m sobbing " I MISS MY AUNTIE AMY " so there you have it you are missed by your fav girl, very deeply.

p.s. your kinda missed by chuggs too. if he saw you , hed give you a big wet one. kinda like when you do mouth to mouth on a half dead person.