Friday, September 19, 2008

An Ode to the Mollieroontoonsmcgoons.

I have a best friend. Her name is Bethany. I also have a best cuzzie. Her name is Mollie. I love the both and i love them the same and i love them different. but the same still.

This is an ode to mollie.

One time mollie took my car ( black beauty) and drove it up against a fence and scraped beauty's haunches.

One time me and mollie went to extreme pita and i asked for a lot of lettuce because i LOVE lettuce and the manager got mad at me and was really rude and told me it wouldnt fit. then he asked if i wanted salt and pepper and mollie said she wasn't sure it would fit. and the owner followed us outside and yelled at us and told us not to come back. and we yelled FINE BECAUSE WE ARE MOVING TO TORONTO TOMOROW ANYWAY!

One time me and mollie went to mcdonalds and ate the amount of food 5 construction workers would eat.

One time me and mollie went to a john mayer concert and took photos with a dead deer on the way home and told everyone we knew that we had driven over it.

One time me and mollie spoke in accents all day to eachother.

One time me and mollie went to this fair on my 22nd birthday and almost barfed because the ride was spinning so fast.

One time me and mollie worked with this guy who's girlfriend had 2 bunnies on leashes.

One time i told people i loved to go to sleep to the sound of hamsters running in their wheels and mollie laughed really hard.

A lot of times me and mollie meow'ed to songs on the radios and video tapped ourselves with the camera on the dashboard which we drove.

One time me and mollie went on a run and ended up running to 7-11, buying slurpee's 2 bags of chips EACH, walking back home and cutting through some random person's sketchy backyard broken down fence.

One time me and mollie found this really dirty urine-y dog and brought it home adn then to the police station.

One time me and mollie called the bylaw officer and told him our neighbors could hide a family of baby deer in their front lawn.

One time me and mollie babysat my neice and nephew and after they had gone to bed, we played rockband for 3 solid hours.

One time me and mollie were at her dad's and talked about my neice ava for like 3 hours and could not stop laughing.

One time me and mollie decorated the ice cream store for our amazing bosses as a going away present.

One time me and mollie went to a white trash party and looked SO HOT!

One time we went to capital Ex and videotapped ourselves on every single ride.

Every day at work me and mollie would make up dance moves in front of the big windows at the ice cream store and people would look at us like we were nuts.

One time me and mollie nailed tarps to the roof of my garage for my huge africa fundraiser.

One time me and mollie made up a really funny nickname.

Everytime with mollie is fun. and I love her. and i miss here.
and here is my ode to her.
you better comment mollie.


papertooth said...

you made my whole week. which wasn't hard to do because it sucked ftw. Thank you best cuzzie for this lovely ode to joy.

Rachel and Arielle said...

Your swishy suit, red pumps, poofy bangs, and awkward smile...absolutely priceless. I miss you. I miss your humor. I miss how you're always up for random, crazy fun. Let's roll into Big Baz in JP's car and cause a big, funny Mzungu scene, okay?

Rachel and Arielle said...

im dying over here about that 80's pic. i lost control when i saw it, had to click on it to make it big, and am sitting here in an empty house cracking up.
the other half of the lesbo stationary