Sunday, September 28, 2008

i should write a book.

my life is SO random. i have a very very weird life.

i had a dream the other night and if bethany kanhoffen is reading this i can already picture her sighing and clicking the red x in the top right corner of her screen. she is not my dreams' biggest fan.

you see...i have these really intesnse, really life like, really ridiculously detailed dreams. and i wake up and like to tell people. bethany would HATE listening to me tell them because she said -and i quote- "your dreams are one big detail and nothing ever happens and so i sit there for 10 minutes while you describe the socks you were wearing in it."

but last night i had this dream.

i was at the west edmonton mall skating with this guy i just met (from my real life) and my roommate tori and my niece ava. this guy was doing all these sweet tricks and i was getting mad at tori because she couldn't tell me what they were called and i kept asking "is that a sow cow?" (i dont know how to spell that properly). Then this guy comes over to me and says that will smith and david beckham are skating on the rink with their kids and so i zoom over to where the supposed celebrities are and i'm doing all these really sweet stops which is cool cause i just learned how to stop in hockey skates last year or so. Turns out it wasn't will smith or david beckham and then all of a sudden i'm on this cliff face with the entire cast of Surivor Gabon and I'm watching them scoot across this massive cliff holding onto this thick twine with only their hands and their feet are dangling with 100 feet of nothing between them and the rocks below. They all get across and get on these elephants that are trying to stay on the rock but its like a giant cliff so some slip and fall down the cliff with the survivor contestants on their backs still. I make it across and all of a sudden i'm in this elevator with this muslim woman. but its not just any elevator. its the elevator from my friend krista's apartment building and this woman has her 8ish year old son and her husband who doens't talk with her. so this little boy is trying to talk to me and i can't undestand him but i notice that the lady has a plastic bag full of books so i look and say " oh!!!! are you reading infidel?! thats SUCH a good book i love it!" and she takes the book out and its the exact same cover as infidel but with a different woman and she says "no!"

and then......!!!!!!!1

I'm in Niger and saying it "neeejere" instead of "nigh jer" like i'm all up on how to say that country other than from what i heard anderson cooper call it a couple years back when the famine was there. and i'm talking to bethany on my phone telling her i've been to tanzania and niger within like 4 hours of eachother. and it was so weird. so i go back home and my mom and her friend shawna are sitting on our veranda (except we dont have a veranda) and they are both wrapped in fleece blankets (i hate fleece blankets especially bethany's that she wraps around her pillow each night) with big slippers and mugs of tea watching the rain. And i tell my mom and she doesn't really care.

Then i wake up for real cause my roommate jenn woke me up for some reason and i said ...." OH MY GOODNESS JENN!!! I JUST HAD THE WEIRDEST DREAM!" and she said "oh really amy? what was it about?"

and 15 minutes later her eyes are glazed over and she looks like she's sleeping standing up and i'm pretty sure she's never going to ask me what my dream was about again.

but i'm thinking that i should make a blog devoted soley to my dreams and i could call it something cool.

my linguistics prof would have a fit if she saw the sentance structure in this post.

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Scott and Erin said...

um, have you ever taken larium? your dreams sure do seem like it :)