Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My New House!

Our kitchen table and J laughing.
The other view of our kitchen.
We have this nice big kitchen with tons of room for J to bake all kinds of goodies for us. Tonight its apple crisp!
My crazy roommate J. She is always smiling, always singing! T is behind her at the sink, doing out dishes while me and J goofed around.
My room! The painting above my bed is done by Patrick, one of my friends from Uganda! It was hung over my bed in UG and says "no weapon fashioned against me will prosper".
Our beautiful living room with paintings by our roommate J!
The other side of our HUUUUGE living room. Isnt it cool?
Our big windows plus a sweet birdcage where our new budgie is going to live.
Our hallway is so long!
We got these gorgeous gladiolas from the farmers market to put right at our front door. They're a liiiiitle bit dead now though:)

Right now my roommates, J and T and I are sitting at the kitchen table with our laptops, having a little computer party, listening to Death Cab. I love my house. I love my roommates. I love where i live.

I spent the whole summer being sooo anxious and nervous to move and to make friends and i prayed so hard that God would provide me with Godly women to live with. One who can encourage me and lift me up and laugh with me, and with whom i can do the same. And wouldn't you know....my prayers were answered!

This weekend i went into Toronto with friends and went to this church downtown called Forward Baptist. They have a young adults worship service once a month and it was awesome. It was the first time since being home from UG that i really truly felt the Holy Spirit on me and i had to get out of my seat and move to the back so i could being a little bit of Africa to the sanctuary during worship!:) When i'm really in the spirit (in the inner courts my UG friends would say), i need to move and dance and kneel and pray with lots of space around me. So there i was, in the back couple of rows just givin er!

Then i came back home to my wonderful roommates. T is so cool. She's a lot like me in that she likes to shop and find good bargains! J is probably one of the most sincere people i've ever met. Rach and Air would call her a beaming ray of Jesus sunshine! B is sweet and sarcastic and so funny. Shes an international student and is the only christian in her family so she has this passion for Christ like nothing else!

We're going to be having weekly-ish house meetings that we lovingly call 'family alter'. It will be a time where we decompress from the week, hangout, pray for eachother, and talk about the house and stuff like that. All my UG friends had family alter with their families and i suggested the name and its so much more warm than a house meeting i think:)

I have my first class tomorrow morning at 8!!!!!!!! It'll be an early morning so i can catch the 730 bus to school. The girls and I are watching Amazing Grace and then i'll be heading to bed. I'm taking Anatomy and Physiology, a chemistry course in Nutrition and Nursing 100, and Nursing 101! I'm really excited for this one assignment i have. I have to bring a visual represntation of what nursing means to me and you better believe i'm bringing in africa photos!

God bless you all!!!!


Juana said...

Hi !! i do not know to write english very good,but i will try,let me tell you that i like your blog and the thing you are doing,i hope you enjoy your new house,and your new roomamtes,go on as you are and God bless you too!

janet said...

love it. wish i could see it in person. but id rather save my miles for hoo- why- eeeeee......