Monday, June 9, 2008

A note for Erin L.

Dear Erin,

Yesterday at work I overheard some nurses talking about adoption and my ears always perk up when i hear that word being used. I was in the middle of a fascinating paragraph in the book The Translator and I heard a lady talking and i wanted to vomit. I immediately thought of you and quickly dug out my pen and grabbed a napkin from the table and wrote down what the lady said and i quote "its so hard to get a baby who's mom isn't on dope, smokes or is overweight."

I knew you'd be outraged just like I was at the thought that this lady was (i hope unintentionally) implying that a child is somehow less worth while if their birth mom is less than ideal.

Give your kids a hug for Auntie Amy!


Amy F. King


Scott and Erin said...

I wish that lady could meet my kids, or any Amani kids... If she had that opportunity, I am positive that she'd be ashamed of herself for saying that.

Thanks for always defending the honor of my kids! We LOVE you!!!!!!!

Brandi said...

aagh! Ok, that ticks me off too!

Thanks for sharing though!