Friday, June 27, 2008

Memory Lane Entry 1

A little background here...
Last year, i started writing my old journal entries to Rachel and Arielle when they were in Peru and Haiti because they are good for a laugh. I decided that since rachel told me to post more, I'l make fridays the official memory lane day and from here on out, every friday, a thoughtful, deep, insightful entry will be yours to glean wisdom and life tips from. Enjoy.

September 16th, 2000.

Saturday: Late @ night.

School is the best! I love it so much! Angela is so cool. I'm real good friends with her. She + Nathan R are going out too! Here are all my new friends: Angela, Jordan, Logan, Melayna, Nadia, Nadine, Carrie, Melody, Rachel, Alise, Neil, Zan, Charlene and Amber.

Amber is in grade 12 and Jordans big sister. Last night i went to Karly's and we went out with (heart) jordan (heart) amber, chelsea, me and kar. We went to 'the house'. its a worship thing like glimpse. Then to Boston Pizza.

Jordan is soooooo cool. I like him so much!!!! SER is on wednesday the 20th . I can't wait. I'm going to tell jordan that i like him then hopefully, if i'm gutsy enough, i'll keep my fingers crossed that he likes me back!! I hope he does!!

Wow. Thats all i can say. Its kind of (more like really really really) embarrassing that i wrote this only 9 years ago! And i was really cool in high school too!

First of all...who is Rachel? I knew one girl in high school named Rachel and i was so intimidated by her (think prettiest girl at school intimidating) that i dont ever remember even saying 1 word to her.
Second. Past Amy, if you only knew what you knew now about boys.

Hopefully, if i'm gutsy enough, i'll keep my fingers crossed that my latest journals don't sound anything like this.

Happy Weekend!!


papertooth said...

Oh mon dieu.
All my old journal entries from when I was in high school look like this, so embarrassing.
From now on I will be commenting on your blog, okay Maria Butreskaya? With extra butre on top of that popcorn please?
okay bye emi.
my love you the best.

Rachel and Arielle said...

Amy are you sure you weren't talking about me? It all lines up with the intimidating pretty thing doesn't it?? Just something to think about.
I love you