Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Gang

Bethany and I used to talk about how neither of us had friends outside of Uganda and how lonely we would be without eachother, and without UG when we got home.

But.....i do have friends! :) And they are great! There are about 12 of us in our 'gang' and we all get along really well and have tons of fun. We have a secret facebook group that doesn't show on our profiles. We are THAT cool. Its great. Kirk and Jess's house is kind of our head quarters and its where everyone gathers before we do anything. We have girls's nights where we have a glass of wine and eat fruit and chocalte and sit on the porch and chat all night. We go line dancing. We make goals for the summer, like camping, river floating, baseball game going, etc.

Its great.

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Scott and Erin said...

ooh, i loveeeeee your header!!! It looks awesome -- and i am really excited about your new blog! I am going to link it to mine right after i put the kiddies to bed!